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Fresh Attitude

Fresh Attitude

For nearly 25 years, VegPro's Fresh Attitude has been the leading producer of fresh salad in Canada, providing people with healthy field-grown lettuces and packaged salads that are available throughout the year. Specializing in the production, washing and packaging of field-grown mesclun lettuces, they also market a wide range of local vegetables grown on their own farmlands across North America.


Ontario & Quebec


- Influencer Marketing


Vive conducted and managed a campaign that consisted of both social media and influencer components. The goal was to establish Fresh Attitude as a local, homegrown product and increase brand awareness. The value proposition centered on fresh/local/homegrown products supported by responsible environmental stewardship, evident in the sustainable packaging that's made from 100% recycled materials.


Influencers shared recipes through reels and in-feed stills on Instagram, featuring Fresh Attitude's spotlight products and what makes them a healthy, delicious, and affordable staple on your next grocery run.

Vive secured 15 influencer partnerships, 42 original deliverables and finished with the following results:
- Total Followers: 659,500
- Total Post Reach: 218,637
- Total Engagements: 9,649
- Total Engagement Rate: 6.24%