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For over 60 years, Harvey's restaurants have been Canadian-owned and operated, serving Canadians nationwide. Each burger is flame-grilled to perfection and built exactly how you want it at the garnish counter -- because Harvey’s understands they don't make the best burgers, you do! Harvey’s is committed to its mission to keep this country a beautiful thing by sourcing 100% Canadian-sourced quality meat and poultry, produce and dairy.


Across Canada


Influencer Marketing

Every year, we pivot our strategy to align with the show’s changing theme to build hype and excitement for this continuously sold out show.


We partnered with the Harvey’s team to create an influencer marketing campaign targeted to generate buzz, excitement, and conversation around the launch of their unique new menu item: the Pickle Pickle Poutine. The campaign also involved strategic posting and messaging around the timely National Pickle Day and Harvey’s’ deal of free deep-fried pickles with an online order to celebrate the day.

On social media we set out to create more public awareness of family exhibits, connect with last year’s followers to create awareness for the upcoming show, and connect with influencers to help promote both the show and the new Cannatech West conference.


We asked influencers: Is it unique? Do you love it? Would you recommend it to a friend who is obsessed with pickles? And they delivered. While featuring additional Harvey’s products and more iconic poutines, 23 influencers across Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta created buzz on Instagram and TikTok and fed into the debate of the combo of the year: do pickles belong on poutine? As a bonus, this debate generated lots of organic content from other influencers who wanted to get in on this intriguing new menu item. Using a variety of nano to macro influencers, 45 postings went live and finished with the following results:
- Total Followers: 2.7 million
- Total Post Views: 3.7 million
- Total Engagements: 89.5 thousand