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Spärkel U.S. and Canadian Public Relations Campaign

Spärkel offers a unique sparkling beverage system that doesn’t require a C02 tank, allowing you to easily infuse water, tea, wine, and more with real fruit, herbs, and ingredients to create healthy cocktails and mocktails.

Vive secured a diverse range of earned top-tier, mid-tier, and niche publications across the U.S. and Canada. These ranged from standalone reviews to round-ups and gift guides. The coverage showed Spärkel’s versatility for inclusion in a variety of beats, such as technology and innovation, lifestyle, and home essentials.

Our team also created a unique campaign, the Spärkel Par-Tea Kit, where we partnered with brands like DavidsTea, Innisfree Skincare, and SQUISH candy to create a limited edition box to celebrate summer. To build awareness, we gifted editors across North America along with key influencers before the launch date. The box sold out in less than 7 days. 


U.S. and Canada


- Public Relations
- Media Mailers

Key Results

- Over 375 million impressions
- 40 Top tier press hits

Notable Coverage

- Esquire Magazine
- Insider
- Buzzfeed
- Well + Good
- Wall Street Journal
- MindBodyGreen
- National Post
- Clean Eating Magazine
- LiveStrong
- Bustle
- Mashable
- Brides
- Vita Magazine
- Yahoo!